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Your business superpower is...


"nothing will work unless you do" - maya angelou

administration business superpower represented by a planner, calculator, post it notes, pens, and pencils

You make things happen and you make them happen smoothly. You are a person-of-all-trades and you have the ability to perform at a high level in a multitude of situations. productivity is in your nature. creating a to-do list and then crossing items off the list make the day satisfying. Not only are you incredibly organized and efficient, you are also a skilled and creative problem solver.

notable characteristics





tips for honing your skills

always be building your library of useful tools and go-to resources.


be solution-oriented not problem-oriented


anticipate problems before they become problems - be very in tune with how processes and procedures work, so if a hiccup comes along, you're on it.


prioritize the importance of your tasks

Understand when to multi-task vs when to focus all of your attention.


stay hyper-organized so you're not duplicating your efforts or overlooking an important task

schedule blocks of time for batching tasks

administration business superpower represented by red calendar that has the quote "life is short. do stuff that matters."

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