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What is Your Business Superpower?

Find out your greatest business strength and get tips and tricks on how to optimize your voiceover business. 

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The marketing superpower means you are curious and innovative. 


The networking superpower means you are approachable and people love being around you. 

Strategy and

The strategy and planning superpower means you are a leader and a skilled problem solver. 


The administration superpower means you are organized and levelheaded. 

adminstration business superpower represented by an image of planner, pens, pencils, calculator, post-it note, on a desk
marketing business superpower image represented by rainbow colored paint splatter
networking business superpower representing by the image of friends standing together on a hill
strategy and planning superpower representing by an image of a water droplet


The finance superpower means you are detail-oriented and analytical

image representing the finance business superpower represented by a pile of coins

ready to find out your business superpower?

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