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Do you have the tools you need for your voiceover business?

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Right now you might be:: 

unsure of how to turn a one time client into a recurring client

terrified of bookkeeping 

struggling to do cold reach outs to potential clients 

confused by how to structure your workday to be as productive and efficient as possible

Believe me, I have been there too and it’s not fun.

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you're seeing results you never thought possible in your voiceover business 

imagine this:

this could be you: 

turning one-time customers into recurring, loyal clients


running your business in the most productive way possible 


having organized bookkeeping


equipped with email templates so you can reach out and respond to clients and potential clients with ease

having enough income to live your dream life

with this toolbox you could be more creative, less stressed, and have an arsenal full of essential tools for running your business 

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but wait, let me officially introduce myself!

hi, i'm Christy summers! i'm a Former corporate gal who decided to ditch the role of “cog-in-a-wheel” to live a more authentic and creative life. I express my creativity as an actively working professional voice actor. I love to help folks hone in on their business goals and put processes and procedures in place to achieve those goals. We all want our businesses to grow so that we can live the life we dream about living - and bite-sized actions are the key!

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When I’m not helping folks carve out a path to business success, you can find me:

      Behind a microphone as a voice actor 


      Teaching pole and aerial fitness classes 


      Cheering on the SF Giants with my husband 


      Baking AMAZING cakes  

I have a degree in Psychology, an MBA in Management, and over 20 years of corporate and small business experience - and I want to share all my knowledge and experience with you. Nothing in this world makes me happier than helping others succeed in their passions.

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I was able to fully switch my career over from relying on my corporate job to pursuing my passions and being free to live in a way that feels authentic to me and my goals. I want to help you do this too! Whether you’re making a big career switch to live a life that you truly love, you have been pursuing voice acting but just haven’t quite been able to have a stable enough income to fully support you, or you’re anywhere in between, I want to help YOU on your business journey! 

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now let me introduce:
the daytime hero business toolbox

looking to start a voiceover business? Or maybe you're already in the industry but need some more business resources. no worries, daytime hero's got you covered.


our brand new business toolbox has all the essential tips and templates you'll need to have your voiceover business running as smooth as can be. 

soooo, What's included in the toolbox?

social media templates, planner, and content ideas 

tools to help you get your social media planned out for an entire month in just a couple days

tips for productivity and workflow 

list of tips and tricks to save you time and help you efficiently structure your day

bookkeeping basics 

my top tips for keeping your books clean, organized, and understandable

daily priority list 

a daily to-do list broken down into 3 main categories: what needs to be done, what i want to get done, what other people want me to get done 

website essentials checklist (with examples)

included in this checklist are the most important components needed for a successful voiceover website

CRM (customer relationship manager) template 

keep your customers and your jobs organized using the 3 tabs in this template: general contacts, prospecting tab, active jobs

customer guarantee 

this will help you to clearly communicate to your client what they can expect from you and what you need from them to make a successful partnership

invoice template 

includes all of the necessary information needed for an invoice, all you need to do is fill in what applies to you and send it off to your customer

email templates 

templates included: collaboration, introduction (cold marketing), lead follow-up, thank you, invoicing, and invoice follow-up

goal accountability tracker 

track 1-3 of your top goals for a specific time frame and create actionable steps to achieve the goals. there is also a spot for you to identify someone that can hold you accountable on your journey. 

14 mindfulness journal prompts

these are designed to equip you with a mindset of peace and presence as you go into your work day. dedicate as much or as little time as you'd like to completing them whenever it fits into your schedule.

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you ready to get your hands on the toolbox??

we are releasing it to you for $97

This is risk free - have 72 hours to recieve a full refund with no questions asked

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Your business could look like this

structured days that increase overall productivity 

increased organization

repeat clients and referrals  

achieving your goals and holding yourself accountable 

making enough money to live the life you want to live 

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want to get to work and start building the voiceover business of your dreams? 

the daytime hero business toolbox is full of all the resources you

need to set yourself up for success and get your

business running smoothly. 

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