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crack the code to voiceover marketing

you've put in the hard work and now you're ready to make money as a voice actor. but how???

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You've taken VO classes, You've built out your booth, And you have your demo!
what comes next? 

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  • You have no idea where to start with moving forward in your voiceover journey

  • you don't know what your voiceprint is or how to use the knowledge to your advantage

  • you're not sure how to narrow down your niche

  • You don't know who to market yourself to

  • You don't know the best ways to market yourself that will actually start bringing in the dough

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having a clear path forward of how to market yourself 

finding the niche that you're passionate about and that is right for your voice 

having an understanding of what makes your voice unique in the market

knowing who to market yourself too 

having an in-depth, customizable list of ways to market yourself 

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At this point, you may be having some doubts about enrolling in this course. So let's talk about them.  

#1 - don't have the funds

let's be real here. Voice acting is a gig economy, so funds can be tight. we can't go throwing money around left and right. So, you have to be strategic. One paid job could easily cover the price of this course and if you complete the entire course, as it was meant to be done, finding one job will be easier than ever before. 
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After taking this course, you could be emailing me with the same excitement!

#2 - don't have the time

 what if I told you that this course will help you save time in the long run? it's true!

If you don't have the right marketing knowledge you will end up marketing yourself in ineffective ways that make the process a lot longer. by learning the what, the who, and the way to market yourself, you will cut out the time you would have taken guessing strategies and learn methods that actually lead to results. 

#3 - Marketing seems scary

I will agree with you on this one. Marketing yourself can be scary, but if you aren't fighting for your business who else will? personal hustle is absolutely critical in the voiceover industry, because there is no other way to get a consistent enough amount of auditions coming in that will allow you to financially support yourself. and yes, even if you have a talent agent. 

#4 - not a beginner voice actor

this course is for anyone and everyone in the voiceover industry who has put in the beginning work as a voice actor such as - taken education classes, gotten their demo and have some form of a working booth. whether you've been in this industry for 20 years or 20 days, there will always be a need to market yourself. 
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did I mention I'm a working voice actor too? I understand where you are in your voiceover business, I face the same challenges in the industry as you do - we are in this together.

in this course, I am sharing my secrets that allowed me to jump into voice acting and start booking gigs faster than the average rate. my previous marketing knowledge helped me understand my unique voiceprint, identify my target market, and helped me market myself in ways that lead to paid gigs and repeat clients. 

Below is a message from a client of mine that I worked with recently. they had a new project and were originally wanting to move forward with a male voice. however, because of my ability to market myself and develop a relationship early on, they sought me out for this job. 

I did a lot of the heavy lifting by testing out ideas and finding out what works and what doesn't. In this course I share my secrets with you so you can bypass the guesswork and jump straight into finding auditions and booking paid gigs. 

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Let's get to know each other better

hi, i'm christy summers!

I'm passionate about business and expressing myself creatively - One of my many creative passions being voiceover.


I have a long history in business (check out the blog if you're interested in that story) and I knew I could serve my voiceover peers in a way that would be beneficial to them.


My business knowledge is the reason i'm successful in voiceover. there are certain things that come in handy that the average person may not know. One of those being... effective marketing.

in this course we are cracking the code to voiceover marketing so you can start making money from voiceover and build the business you've dreamed about. 

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INTRODUCING crack the code to voiceover marketing

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crack the code to voiceover marketing is a comprehensive 2-week video course that teaches voice actors how to market themselves leading to finding auditions, booking more jobs, and making more money.

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there isn't another marketing course out there that will give you this much bang for your buck.


in just 2 weeks you can take your voiceover journey from student struggling with where to go next to actively working voice actor with a clear marketing direction.


this course gives you customized, tangible information that you can apply directly to your business. Other courses address marketing in a generic way that makes it difficult to know how to apply the information to your specific business.


we will identify what makes you unique in the market and you'll get my 13 ways to market yourself. you can then sort through what i gave you and take what works best for you and your business. I will also be available via email for even further customized help. 

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here's what folks are saying

It's a workshop where you actually start applying what you are learning to yourself.


Thank you for your completely fluid and nurturing teaching style as well as individual valuing of your students, thorough preparation, clear communication, and excellent accountability and follow up!



Christy will help you clarify what makes you unique to the market and how you can incorporate that knowledge. Christy's background in both tech and voiceover gives her a unique perspective


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In this course, I'll show you how to 

identify what makes your voice unique (your voiceprint

narrow down your niche 

find who to market yourself to (your target market)

market yourself in 13 different ways

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5 modules 

22 video lessons

3 interactive workbooks

in-depth, thought provoking activities

key 1: the what 

define your unique voiceprint and understand how to describe it in the market - you have to know your voiceprint and be able to describe it so that you can go after jobs you are most likely to book based on your unique sound. 

key 2: the who 

identify your target market and learn where to find them so that you can market yourself to the people who are looking for a voice like yours. 

key 3: the way

learn 13 ways to market yourself and how to use them to go after your target market which will lead to booking more paid jobs.

PLUS 2 BONUS SECRETS to help you with your mindset.

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Take the workshop! Full to the brim with useful information that you can immediately put into use.


I LOVED working with you! You clarified so much for me. The Workshop was pivotal and soon I will have something to show for it. Thanks again. You really got me thinking.


Her [CHristy's] goal is to help you build and run your business - successfully I might add. I’m super stoked to take what I’ve learned and begin applying it to my own business! I absolutely recommend Christy to any creative who is looking for direction and guidance with how to run their business!


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3 payment options


 one investment of $397 for the entire course

Access to the entire course upon purchase and complete on your own timing


three easy payments of $150 

 3 monthly payments with one module released each month

the executive business package

includes the entire course and a 30 minute business consultation for $447! ($475 value)



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this course is not for you if you...

haven't done any foundational voiceover work - i.e. taken voice acting classes, recorded a demo, found/built a booth

are already making a consistent income with voice acting


are looking to hone your voice acting skills - you can do that along with the course but we will not be covering that in the course


are not willing to invest in your voiceover business to see results - this isn't some get rich quick scheme. you will still need to work but this course will make it a lot easier. 

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How long is this course?

There are 5 modules with 22 video lessons that can be finished in 2 weeks or less if made your top priority.

What is the refund policy? 

72 hours 100% money back guarantee. 

What will the transition look like? 

At the end of the course you will have a clear marketing direction and an understanding of exactly what you are marketing and who you need to be marketing to. 

Why is this course different than other marketing courses? 

It is customizable to your specific business and has the exact methods that I use in my marketing that has pushed me ahead as a voice actor. 

Will I have access to Christy? 

Yes! whether you're struggling with a concept, have a question that didn't get answered, or want some extra support You can reach out to and christy will be in touch within 24-48 hours.

How long do I have access to the course? 

Once you're in, you're in for life. Any updates we make to the course will automatically be applied to the one you have purchased.

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you've already set the foundation for your voiceover business, now it's time to put in the work to market yourself and start making money.

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