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headshot of business coach and daytime hero founder christy looking at the camera


Former corporate gal who decided to ditch the role of “cog-in-a-wheel” to live a more authentic and creative life. She’s passionate about sharing knowledge and positive energy, and nothing in this world makes her happier than helping others succeed in their passions.

She chooses to walk a path less traveled and loves the adventures this path brings. She’s married to her soul mate (awwww) and loves to spoil her mischievous pets. When not teaching the business behind voiceover, you’ll find her either behind a microphone as a voiceover actor or teaching pole fitness classes. You can also find her cheering on the SF Giants, watching some f1 racing, or baking amazing cakes.

Oh, she also has a degree in Psychology, an MBA in Management, and over 20 years of corporate and small business experience - and she wants to share all her knowledge and experience with you.

Christy is also a working voice actor! If you would like to partner with her on a project or see what she has been working on, visit her voiceover website here!

2022-05-10 07.28.17.jpg

christy's sassy personal assistant. he loves to help out with daytime hero and tell christy exactly what she's doing wrong. When he isn't giving his opinion on the business, you'll find him chasing birds outside, exploring the neighborhood, and sniffing some catnip. He's quite the social butterfly and loves getting to know all the neighbors. Walter is the sweetest kitty you'll ever meet. He's the glue that holds daytime hero together. 


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