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Your Business Superpower is ...


“I have no special talents, I am just passionately curious” - Albert Einstein

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marketing business superpower image represented by a rainbow paint splatter
rainbow paint splatter
marketing business superpower represented by an image of a rainbow paint splatter

Well, aren't you the curious one! You are eager to learn about what draws in your consumer, what resonates with them, and what their pain points are. You are the ultimate influencer with your ability to tap into emotion.

You are also creative and innovative. New, groundbreaking ideas make your heart soar. marketing is a mix of creativity and analytical thinking, so you get to experience the best of both worlds.

Tips for Honing Your Skills: 

Be flexible and ready to adapt to change. Change is constant and you're right in the thick of it.


be able to disconnect your emotion from your creation. the ultimate focus is to connect to the consumer and sell the product.


Have some thick skin. Everyone's got an opinion and you're likely to hear them all. embrace feedback but don't view it as a reflection of your value.


Make data driven decisions. analytics are there to help you remain objective and see things from the consumer's perspective.


Listen. Listen. Listen. find the opportunities others will miss.


Serve your customers better by Being solution-oriented vs problem-oriented


Don't be afraid to take a s.w.a.g. (Serious wild a** guess) - sometimes you just have to go for it and see what happens.

marketing business superpower represented by a colorful painted wall

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