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are you Tired of feeling unsure of how to run your voice acting business?

 Business concepts are daunting and when you have creative passions, there are so many other things you’d rather be doing. 

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Right now you might be:: 

Uncertain with what decisions you need to make as a business owner


Unclear on your goals and how to achieve them 


Wrestling with doubt and fear of failure that comes with starting a business 

Believe me, I have been there too and it’s not fun.

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you just want to focus on your creative passion and get paid for it. But right now, you’re spending so much time on the things you don’t want to do that you barely have the time to get creative and do what you love. 

All of your tasks, to-do lists, deadlines, and commitments are piling up and this looming doubt and uncertainty is a lot to bear. But you just don’t even know where to start. 

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imagine this:

you’re pursuing voice acting, you have a clear business direction, and are on your way to building the successful business you are capable of having. 


What??? Is that even possible??? 


Yes. Yes it is!  

this could be you:


certain about the direction of your business and confident in your choices 


equipped with A strong mental attitude that has you ready to combat those little business demons in your head that want to keep you down


Clear and strong skills that are the foundation of your business 


achieving goals that you never thought you would

Really sit and think about what your life could look and feel like.

You’d be more creative, less stressed, and have an overall more positive outlook and mindset for when things get tough.

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Now's the time when that little voice in your head might be speaking up, trying to tell you that you aren’t good enough or that you don’t deserve to live that kind of life. 

I need you to stomp out that voice because you are 100capable and deserving of creating a successful voiceover business with all your awesome skills.

That all sounds fantastic right??? Maybe too good to be true? Well don’t worry, it’s definitely possible and I believe you can do it. 

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But first, let me officially introduce myself!

i'm a Former corporate gal who decided to ditch the role of “cog-in-a-wheel” to live a more authentic and creative life. I express my creativity as an actively working professional voice actor. I love to help folks hone in on their business goals and put processes and procedures in place to achieve those goals. We all want our businesses to grow so that we can live the life we dream about living - and bite-sized actions are the key!

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When I’m not helping folks carve out a path to business success, you can find me:

      Behind a microphone as a voiceover actor 


      Teaching pole and aerial fitness classes 


      Cheering on the SF Giants with my husband 


      Baking AMAZING cakes  

I have a degree in Psychology, an MBA in Management, and over 20 years of corporate and small business experience - and I want to share all my knowledge and experience with you. Nothing in this world makes me happier than helping others succeed in their passions.

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I was able to fully switch my career over from relying on my corporate job to pursuing my passions and being free to live in a way that feels authentic to me and my goals. I want to help you do this too! Whether you’re making a big career switch to live a life that you truly love, you have been pursuing voice acting but just haven’t quite been able to have a stable enough income to fully support you, or you’re anywhere in between, I want to help YOU on your business journey! 

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now let me introduce:
the building your foundation course series

in this course series i am going to take you on a deep dive into discovering your true core values and making that align with the intent of your business. the lessons you will learn in this course series will carry you through your entire business journey and help you achieve business longevity (we all want that right?Having a solid business foundation is going to be what holds your business together during the trials and tribulations that come with starting a business. whether you are just starting out with your voiceover career or you've already gotten started, this course is for you. 

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We are going to dig deep and build the foundation of your business 


You will discover special and genuine traits about yourself that will carry you throughout your voiceover business journey 


You will learn the techniques and importance of goal setting 


You will experience how to adjust your mindset to make space in your brain that will welcome inspiration and creativity so that you and your business can thrive long term 

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Here’s what folks are saying: 


Carolyn - “This course really helped me fully realize and confirm my professional goals and aims for the new year. You are such a good teacher, you organize the elements of the course clearly and concisely, you keep it moving along and you listen and integrate really, really well. Bravo to a consummate coach.” 


Tara - “Thank you for your completely fluid and nurturing teaching style as well as individual valuing of your students, thorough preparation, clear communication, and excellent accountability and follow up!”

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Soooo what exactly is included in this course? 

Well I’m glad you asked, let me show you! 

3 modules

What You’re All A.B.O.U.T

What You’re All A.B.O.U.T. These are my 5 Secrets! We’re breaking these down and diving in deep so we can work smarter, not harder. There are activities geared to help you discover the core of who you are and the true intent you have around your business. We want a strong foundation for our business but we also want a long LIFE for our business

5 modules

master your mindset

Setting a winning attitude and preparing for things that can derail us mentally. We’ll talk about outside forces and how they can impact our business. And we’ll address how we, ourselves, can be a total stumbling block to what we’re trying to build and what to do about it.

7 modules

goal setting for the win

We gotta know where we’re going before we can pave the road to get there. I’ll show you how to break down goals into achievable pieces. You’ll be absolutely shocked by what you can accomplish in your business.

10 modules


and don't worry, we can ditch the overwhelm because this course will be dripped out to you overtime so you can get it done in bite-sized steps

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aimee says “Thank you for your completely fluid and nurturing teaching style as well as individual valuing of your students, thorough preparation, clear communication, and excellent accountability and follow up!”

Cal says - “Take the workshop! Full to the brim with useful information that you can immediately put into use.”

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the pricing

this course is valued at $3,000 but I am offering it at only $597

p.s. if you want an extra bonus for this course watch my free masterclass

Are you ready to get your hands on this course? 

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let's talk bonuses

private thinkific community valued at $497 - community is so important as a business owner and I want you to be able to connect with like minded individuals who are in the same boat as you. Let’s cheer each other on! 


Bodyscan/affirmation meditation valued at $97  - starting a business is stressful but Meditation is a great way to get rest for your mind quickly and easily. 

business toolbox valued at $697 - we've got ya covered with all your business needs. I'm talkin social media templates, email templates, bookkeeping basics, priority lists, website essentials, and more! 

14 mindfulness journal prompts valued at $197 - continue working on your mindset outside of the course 


 weekly live q&a through thinkific communities valued at $997 - you didn't really think i was gonna leave you hanging did you?? i will be available weekly to answer any and all of your questions as you move through the course series

DTH tips on the go via telegram valued at $497 - exclusive tips, quotes, encouragement, and insights

these bonuses with the course series make this offering valued at $6,000 but i am giving it all to you at $597

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and don't worry, this is completely risk free

I am confident that this course will get your business set up and ready to go, but I don’t want you to feel trapped into this purchase. That is why I am giving you 14-days to fully refund your purchase. I want you to succeed, so I am giving you time to try out the course and see if it is a good fit for you. No worries if not, there are no strings attached, you can simply cancel and receive a full refund. 

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 - you've got questions, i've got answers


How long is this course open for? 

It is fully at your own pace. You have access to it for as long as you need. 


How will this help me? 

building a foundation for your business is the first and possibly the most important step in your whole business journey. This is where you get all the details combed out and sorted through to start your business. A strong business foundation will support you as your business grows and allow you to have a flourishing business that you love. 


What is the refund policy? 

14 day trial period - 100% full refund, no questions asked


What will the transformation look like? 

You will develop a mindset of strength to carry you through the trials and tribulations of starting your own business (there will be hard times and the better equipped you are for handling it, the more likely you will be to succeed). you will define your special place in the market and highlight your individuality. you will learn important tips and lessons that will carry you throughout your whole business journey and help you achieve business longevity. All while staying true to who you are and not having to compromise any of your personal morals or beliefs.

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At this point, you might feel totally excited to try this course or you might still have some hesitations. Well, I am here for you and I want to be completely open and honest with you. 

Maybe you feel like you don’t have the time to put towards this course. After all, you have all  of these other commitments and life is busy enough. Well lucky for you, i will be dripping out content for you so that everything is done in bite-sized steps that will take the overwhelm out of the process. this course will also be available for you for as long as you need it.

Maybe you are feeling like you have better ways of spending your money. Look, I get it. We work hard for our money and we want to make sure we are spending it in the best possible ways. But can I let you in on a little secret??? Investing in yourself and your business will help you be successful quicker than doing it all on your own. if you invest time and money into yourself and your business you will be surprised at just how far you will go. 

One of my favorite quotes is “everything you want is on the other side of fear” from Jack Canfield. If fear is holding you back, let’s shift that mindset to excitement. Rather than wondering what will happen if you fail, think about what will happen if you succeed.