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4 things to add to your website

In this day and age, everyone’s got a website (well, almost). And as a voiceover artist running a business, you too, will need a website. Not just a plain ol’ simple and boring site, but something that compels visitors to want to know more about you.

It’s true, some people are busy and in the mindset of “just give me what I need to know” but there are others that want to know more. By taking our website up a notch, we’re appeasing both crowds. In general, people want to work with those that they like and that they trust. What are some things we can include in our websites that communicate that we are personable and an expert in our field?

Of course, we’ve already included things like our demo and contact information. Those are basic and essential elements, but I’m talking about standing out from the crowd. Here are some potential options to think about including:

How you can help the customer

People visiting your site will see you in relation to themselves. They are most likely looking at you for a specific reason, so help them quickly see how you can help them.

Do you offer a certain specialty? Do you have a certain style or voiceprint? Think about what your potential customers are trying to accomplish and communicate with them how you can help.

Photos/and Videos

A photo is great, but videos are all the rage...did I just age myself??

A good quality headshot is a must. Knowing what someone looks like helps to create a connection. But a video could show your personality and provide quality information. Does it have to be high dollar professional? Not necessarily, but the video should be of quality.

About Me Page

The point of an “About Me” page is to deepen the relationship (before having the actual, real-life relationship with the customer.

You are sharing your interests, your accomplishments, and the beliefs behind your business. If someone is voluntarily spending time reading your “About Me” then they are interested in you as a person, but more so, they’re looking for more details about how you can help them solve their problem.


Talk about how to fast track your sense of credibility in the industry. Testimonials provide an unbiased voice about your work and establish a sense of trust for those looking to work with you. If a client has complimented you and/or hired you multiple times, ask for a testimonial from them!

Are all of those things required? No. But they will help you stand above the competition and be more memorable, and isn’t that what we want?

These options are also great ways to attract those that are more likely to be pleased with your work and repel those that aren’t a good fit for us. The better we can communicate who we are and what we do, the more likely we are to meet customers that turn into loyal and repeat clients.

Taking it up a notch,


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