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creative inspiration incoming...

As voice actors, we expect ourselves to be creative regularly. Ok, ok we expect creativity on demand. Wouldn’t that be the dream!

But what happens when that spark of creativity just isn’t there? All of a sudden the flow of brilliance hits a brick wall. You’re behind a microphone needing multiple takes on a script and you’re stuck staring at the mic.

What do we do when the inspiration well has run dry??? How do we get that creativity flowing again?

I have some suggestions:

  • Connect with nature.(my personal favorite!)Go to whatever kind of nature speaks to you, whether it be the beach, forest, desert, etc. When I’m drained and needing inspiration, it’s the forest scene that restores me. It’s the height of the trees, the green leaves, and the soft earth. There is energy there and it refreshes me.

  • Do something out of the ordinary. Get away from the daily routine - it’s too predictable! If you live off of your calendar - guilty!)set aside a block of time and go explore something new and different.

  • Change up your place of work. I have to confess, sometimes I get tired of being in the same room, with the same kind of energy, staring at the same walls. So let’s mix it up! If it’s a nice day, let’s take our work to the park. Need a different kind of energy? Let’s hit up a coffee shop or a library.

  • Try some kind of new activity. Sometimes we get in the habit of creating in the same kind of way, so when those creative wells aren’t producing much, let’s try creating in a new way. For example, let’s take a dance class, try our hand at painting, write in a journal, or test ourselves with improv.

Despite the frustrations, the creative well usually doesn’t stay dry for long. There’s too much greatness in there and given some space and time, it’ll find its way out. If you’re stuck, try some of the above suggestions and let me know how it goes for you. And if you have other ways of finding inspiration, this fellow voice actor would love to know what it is. :)

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