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How rejection helps me grow my business

Opportunities to connect are absolutely everywhere! Even at times when things are the most frustrating or disappointing, there are ways to prep our businesses for growth.

For example, the other day, I woke up to a surprising message. I received a real, live rejection message for an audition I submitted. I almost NEVER get one of those! Usually, an audition finds its way into a black hole and I just move on. I have come to a point where I literally “submit and forget”. Typically, the only time I hear back is if I land the gig. In fact, if I do land a gig, I usually have no idea what it’s for - I have to go back and listen to the audition! But this time I got an actual rejection. And I was so excited about it! It said...

Hi Christy,

Thank you so much for your time and effort in providing a sample clip. It was wonderful being able to hear your voice and range.

Unfortunately, we felt another voice closer matched our expectations and have decided to go with a different artist at this point.

Thank you again and all the best for the future.

Now, you may be thinking “WHY? Why would you be so excited about receiving a rejection? You didn’t land the gig.” And you’d be right to ask that. It’s hard enough when we don’t hear anything at all, but to be flat out rejected?? Ouch. Let me go cry in my booth, please.

but The rejection message I got told me a couple things...

1. They LIKED my audition.

Something in my voice resonated with them, enough for them to thank me for my time and effort in submitting my audition. Did they do that with everyone?? No idea. BUT, casting directors are BUSY people and they have hundreds,(if not thousands, of auditions to sift through. They simply don’t have the time to contact everyone. Unless they have a good reason to. So, by taking the time to compliment my audition and to let me know I didn’t get the job, tells me I may not be right for THAT SPECIFIC PROJECT, but I may be a good fit for another project in the future.

2. I can start building a relationship.

I now have a specific person at that company that I can stay in contact with. They’ve heard me, they like me, now it’s up to me to stay in touch. It’s one thing to blindly submit auditions, but it’s a completely different thing to know a casting person within a company, and to know they found value in your audition. This is a warm lead! So, I’ll be adding them to my list to reach out to in a couple of months.

Am I disappointed I didn’t land the gig? Of course! But, I was still rewarded for my efforts. If a consolation prize is to have a warm contact in casting, then I will happily take the prize! And what I choose to do with my rejection is now up to me. Do I mope because I lost yet another gig? Or do I stay in contact with and provide value to a potential new customer? I’m choosing the latter.

In an industry where rejection is the majority of what we receive, how can we turn that rejection into opportunity? We may have to look at a situation differently than we would usually look at it. Or we may need to be creative in our endeavors to find opportunity. But, trust me, opportunities are everywhere! We just have to look for them.

What opportunities have you come across this week?

Still stoked about the rejection,


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