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I ditched my corporate sales job and became a professional Voice actor

I made a jump so terrifying and life-changing that few have dared to try. Many have dreamed about what it would be like, what could be possible. And I went and did it. I walked away from my secure, 15-year career as a successful sales executive in the technology industry. Well, I didn’t just walk away. That’s a bit of an understatement. I took a running start and jumped straight off the career cliff.

*gasp Why would I do that??? Answer - To live a more authentic and creative life.

But, wasn’t I worried about how I would pay my bills? What about health insurance? OF COURSE, I was worried! I’m one of the most predictable, non-risk-taking people you’ll ever meet. But, I wasn’t completely blind when making that choice, as I’d been planning a sabbatical for a few years. I had squirreled away some money for just such a situation. I wasn’t fully prepared to quit though I was just taking a bit of time off. And then I decided to change my path altogether.

Did I know where I would land? Did I have a plan?


Whaaaaaaatttttt???? (

I know, right? I jumped in without a plan. Who am I?)

This is why it was an absolutely terrifying experience for me. I wanted some time and mental space to figure out what I really wanted to do. After 15 years in corporate tech, I was BURNT.

And then the best, most unexpected surprise came along. I was reading to my stepkids one night, and my husband happened to be in the room with us. He heard me reading and said I should look into voice acting - he used to be a sound engineer and worked in that industry. I replied to that with a completely blank stare.

What the heck is voice acting??

He just said I should look into it. Well, thanks for being cryptic. But he knew it would pique my curiosity and, of course, it did. I started researching all about voiceover and was truly intrigued by it. I decided to take a couple of beginner classes at a voiceover school in town. AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE.

This was it. I was so incredibly connected to this craft that I couldn’t wait to learn more. I took classes, honed my skills, invested in my tech, and began auditioning (LOTS of auditioning). My non-existent plan for my future just created itself. And it was only because I didn’t plan everything out that I was open to such an amazing opportunity and learning experience.

Who knew that standing in a dim padded closet talking to myself would be a dream come true???

But, when ya know, ya know. And I couldn’t be more grateful for being so blindsided by something that has changed my life for the better.

if you want to learn more about who i am and my story, check out the podcast episode I did with my friend Sam philyaw.

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