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the importance of accountability groups

No one should be shocked or amazed when I reveal that voiceover is a pretty isolated profession. At least, it is for me. If I’m not behind my computer answering emails and doing general business maintenance, then I’m behind my microphone auditioning, or on a great day, recording for a client gig.

I have no idea how any other person in voiceover is running their business. I have no concept of how I’m doing related to others. There’s no general measurement I can compare myself to except for my own goals.

Outside of VO classes, which are(mostly on Zoom, we’re on our own. There can be quite a few positives and negatives to a solitary type of job. But, one of the biggest downsides I can see to this is accountability. That connection with like-minded peers who boost each other up and hold each other responsible for what we say we want to accomplish.

Let’s take how we build our VOiceover business for example. I don’t know about you, but I’m FAR too easy on myself when it comes to keeping the commitments I made for my business. I’m usually happy to push something back or reschedule, especially if it’s something I don’t like doing.

But when it comes to making commitments to others? Somehow that idea processes differently in my brain.

The pressure I feel to deliver on my commitments kicks in. Maybe it’s a mindset that someone is counting on me. Or maybe it has to do with me not wanting to confess that I slacked on something I said I would do. Or maybe I feel inspired because I have a team pushing me forward and cheering me on and I don’t have to do this difficult thing all by myself.

Whatever the reason, if I’m committing something to you, you can guarantee delivery. So, for me, having an accountability group is an incredible help as I work to reach the goals I set for my business, when I would most likely falter if I had to face the long road to my goals alone.

Growing a business is hard. Like, really hard.

It can be frustrating and disappointing and we’ll often wonder if we made the right choice by doing this. And when we’re in a silo all by ourselves, the negative emotions can turn into something we see as reality because we have no one else to help balance us.

The tiny thing sending me over the edge might be able to be easily fixed, if only I had someone with an outside perspective to provide advice. The number of auditions I want to do vs what I actually do could be the same number if only someone checked in on me.

And here’s where I encourage you to find an accountability partner or group. The support and positive pressure you get from like-minded, encouraging people is invaluable.

To share your struggles and know that you’re not alone. To set a goal and focus on reaching it. and then be reminded of this goal and have to report back progress which helps me to actually reach my goal, not just dream about it. To swap tips and tricks on how to keep growing our businesses.

Yes, being a voiceover artist can be solitary, but you don’t have to do voiceover alone if you don’t want to, people are out there looking for you too.

So, where do we find these accountability groups?

Social media

There are a BAZILLION social media groups that meet up for feedback, discussion, etc. Fast finds will be in Clubhouse and Facebook groups


If you connect with someone in class, ask them if they are a part of a group. You might just be included in a current group or maybe you start a new one.


So many great people to meet from all over the country. Get to socializing and making new friends.

If we want to grow our businesses, it isn’t necessarily wise to go it all alone. We all need feedback, guidance, and encouragement to be the best version of our business selves.

Finding an accountability partner or group is a giant blessing and stress relief - at least in my opinion. I am a part of a couple of accountability groups which add such value to my voiceover life and business that I couldn’t imagine being as driven or successful in my goals without them.



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