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Welcome to the new daytime hero blog! we will be updating the blog weekly with new tips and tricks to help you in your voiceover business.

I started Daytime Hero because I saw a gap in the voiceover industry that hasn’t really been well to run a business. Now as a fellow voice actor, I’ve heard many folks tell us to treat our skills as a business. Great! And then that’s all we got - that’s pretty much where the info stopped.

So now, we’re looking around at each other thinking, "Does that person know how to run a business?? Or maybe that one? Because I have no idea. Oh my God, should I even be doing this?" insert panic here Now, in all fairness, there are some classes out there that try to help. But, they are mostly in the "death-by-powerpoint" or lecture style, which can be lengthy and tough to endure. And then you have to digest and apply what you’ve heard with alllllllllll sorts of new concepts and lingo)to your own business. And that’s assuming you know where to start. That is SO overwhelming! I’m starting to panic now just thinking about it. I figured with my education and experience (full bio here), I could serve my peers in a better way than what’s currently out there. I could format classes in a way that takes daunting business topics and breaks them down into easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement, bite-sized pieces. And bonus: You’ll be able to do it on your own time. The benefit to this style: You can learn at your own pace and apply the concepts you’re learning to your business immediately. Wahoo! I truly want to see folks be successful with their passions! And if the business side isn’t well set up and working, then neither are our passions. Soooo...say hello to Daytime Hero, a company that teaches business basics to voice actors.

your business life just got easier.

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