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your business superpower is...

strategy and planning

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." - JOhn C. Maxwell

notable characteristics




problem solver

strategy and planning business superpower represented by a water droplet
strategy and planning business superpower represented by water droplet

You carry A vision for the future. You have strength in analytics and you are the ultimate problem solver. Decision making is where you shine - you move forward with few doubts and little overthinking. You tend to break down large strategies into small, attainable pieces and communicate the plan well. You are seen as a go-getter with strong ambition: if you want something, you will get it.

tips for honing your skills

take time to listen. Whether it's to customers, other employees, or trusting your gut, Take the time to sit quietly and listen.


weigh the pros and cons of potential actions.


Ensure that the strategies in place are truly in alignment with your stated goals.


Don't take feedback personally. Assuming good intent will go far with employees and coworkers.


Things happen. Focus on finding solutions, not on the problem.


delegate! You cannot be all things and someone has to keep the train on track. Delegate responsibilities, especially those outside your skillset.

strategy and planning business superpower represented by a chess set

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