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let's build your dream voiceover business!

have you ever taken voiceover classes and wondered how to use the information in your specific business? 


if you work with me I will give you personalized information, insights, advice, tips, and tools that will help you run your business in the way that works for you. there won't be any generic advice here...everything will be fully customized to your unique business model and goals!

my extensive business knowledge has helped me tremendously in voiceover and i am passionate about sharing what I know with my peers so you can make your dreams come true!

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we can focus on...


Customer relationships and management




implementation of the business toolbox


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What folks are saying


She addressed my questions on how and where to search for auditions/work, how to properly market my business (my LinkedIn page needs work), what I should expect when searching for agent representation, and what my voice print (vocal style) is. Following our 90-minute session, I left feeling inspired, excited, and determined to truly go after my business.



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i'm a voice actor...why do i need business coaching???


there are incredibly talented voice actors that lose out on opportunities because they don't know how to run their business or interact with their customers. having business knowledge gives you an edge over your competition and provides you with a sense of confidence that will come across in your auditions and entire voiceover process.

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coaching options

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30 minutes


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60 minutes


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120 minutes


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