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3 tips for when motivation is low

if I told you that I had no problem with motivation and woke up excited to work every day, I hope you’d roll your eyes and hand me an extinguisher to put out the flame in my pants. Mainly because we ALL have issues with motivation and I’m no exception.

There are days when working is the absolute last thing I want to do. Seriously I’m calling the dentist right now to make an appointment, just so I can avoid my never-ending list of tasks. Also, I think my refrigerator needs to be deep cleaned at this exact moment. I’ll go check, brb.

So when I feel like this, what are the things I do to kick-start myself into a good working day? Because let’s face it, in order for a business to succeed, the entrepreneur has to show up whether they feel like it or not. Rain or shine. Excited or grumpy. Ready or not.

Here are a few things that pump up my motivation:

  • My morning routine. If my mind isn’t clear or calm, the chances of me playing hooky from work rise exponentially due to the stressful nature of, well, life. I’ve chosen to enter my work day with a peaceful start - check out the DTH YouTube channel for more on that, meaning I’ve had my meditation and stretching time.

  • Knowing my “WHY”. The answer to why I’m putting myself through all this stuff of running a business. When I can’t bring myself to be work-oriented, the motivation of helping my clients and creating a life I love is usually enough to push me into gear.

  • Breaking down my actions for the day. Sometimes the task is just too big and overwhelming. That’s when I’m really tempted to put it off and opt to deep clean the fridge. But if I can take that task and break it down into smaller pieces, those pieces are much less daunting and I’m far more likely to get things done.

Don’t feel alone when you cross a “blah” day. We’ve all been there and we’ll most likely be there again. Just know that we can do things to help ourselves when the motivation tank is sputtering fumes.

What are some motivation tips and tricks that work for you? I’d love to know!

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