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6 ways to stay on top of industry trends

As we’ve witnessed over the last couple of years, the voiceover industry has gone through -(and is still going through)- dramatic changes.

Ask anyone who’s been in the industry longer than 5 years. It just doesn’t look the same.

Folks are no longer going into studios to record their auditions, they are doing that at home, in a booth they’ve built out. In fact, they are also recording a majority -(if not all)- of their paid gigs in their own home booth!

So that means, there’s been a incredible investment in equipment and audio editing software. Not to mention the extreme learning curve everyone has had to go through to make the recordings reflect high quality work.

But those aren’t the only changes. Even the SOUND of voiceover has changed. Does the word “conversational” mean anything to you?? It should, as it’s one of the most common words used in the audition specs today.

Almost all the specs I see specifically state that the voice should “never comes across as over-the-top, typical commercial sounding, salesy, or announcer-y at all”. Many clients are requesting “comidic timing”, “funny”, “friendly”, etc. They are all striving for that natural, “telling a friend” type of sound.

We can only assume that the industry will continue to shift and adjust as the world comes into a “new normal” for post-Covid times.

So, how can we stay on top of any upcoming changes? How do we stay in tune with the current and future industry trends?


Conferences are great for many reasons, but one of my favorites is the ability to network with like minded folks. You’ll meet people from all over the country doing what you do on a daily basis. And in chatting with these folks, you’ll get to share what you’re experiencing in the industry.

Accountability groups

This is a more intimate form of group support. With accountability groups, you can not only practice your reads, but practice taking direction. And you also have a forum to bounce ideas regarding agents, business, etc.


The instructors that teach VO classes are usually very active in their own voiceover careers. They will usually bring the class nuggets of information from what they are personally experiencing on the regular.


This is a more personal and intimate form of classes. One on one time to really dig in to your craft and ask your questions from those you admire and respect.


There are so many great blogs out there that offer a lot of fantastic tips from how to navigate pay 2 plays, how to grow your business(hem hem, and how to hone your craft.


Great podcasts with thoughtful interviews and hot topics focused solely on VO are starting to pop up. Lots to learn there!

Staying up to date can feel overwhelming as there is a TON of information out there - with some info not being all that accurate.

It takes a bit to wade through what’s valuable and what will help you grow your VO business.

So where do you start? My suggestion is to start with the conferences - Who is speaking? Who is coaching? Who is sponsoring? That will give you a great start as to who is really at the top of the VO game.

From there, follow the rabbit hole as there’s a large number of fantastic resources out there that may not be mentioned by the conferences.

Just be patient with yourself as you’re absorbing a seemingly infinite amount of information.

Learning alongside you,


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