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Lessons I've learned from leaving my "real job" for voice acting

Updated: May 24, 2022

My transition from the corporate world into small business is by far the most interesting, challenging, and life-altering adjustment I’ve ever had to make. Everything in my career has revolved around business and people, two of my passions. In the corporate world, I was a single cog in a massive machine, but in the small business world, I am every role, every title, and hold every responsibility to keep the business running. I went from being a sales executive in the tech industry to being a voiceover actor and teaching business basics to Creatives - with a specific focus on voiceover. Changing from corporate to small business in the same industry is a large enough adjustment, but I changed industries as well! "What was I thinking?!?!" has crossed my mind more than once!

I’ve learned SO MANY lessons along the way. The biggest ‘takeaway’ I have from the change is to be patient and forgiving of myself as I pursue this new path. The learning curve is gigantic and I am only human. Mistakes will be made, things won’t always go right, and I will learn something new every single day. All I can give is my best for my company and my customers, and that is enough.

I’ve also learned to be incredibly flexible. I have to balance a lot - marketing, client management, sales, operations, finance(not to mention auditioning and recording jobs and sometimes I can’t juggle everything at the same time. As much as I might try to be predictable and well planned, small business throws unexpected curve balls all the time. I’ve learned to roll with it, finding humor where I can, and I do my best to embrace the journey.

The pressure is intense, but I get to do something I love every day, which is a reward all on its own. I continue to learn new lessons every day, whether it’s figuring out new software, hiring employees, or revamping my marketing strategies. I’m always kept on my toes and I’m loving -almost-)every second of it.

If you’ve made the leap from corporate to small business, I’d love to hear from you and how you’re doing. It’s a big, scary entrepreneur world out there and we’ve got to stick together.

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